Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mom!! There's Goats on the Roof!!

Yep, a day in my life can and DOES sometimes include those words.

How did a city girl with a fast track in the career world end up here?

LOVE Baby..........Sheer, Pure TRUE LOVE!!.........*Shut Up!, I know, I sing Green Acres all the time!!*

So, I wake up this morning and the kids are hollering.........."Mom, the baby goats are on the roof!"

They were. We have 4 Pygmy Goats. 2 of which are babies. They love to jump on stuff. So, it appears they jumped on top of the BBQ Grill, then onto the top of our van, then onto the roof of the patio and from there to the roof.

The kids got a ladder and crawled up and got them down.

Sigh............Another day in my life.

As soon as they got them down, they jumped up on the top of the van again. Silly Goats think they are Mountain Goats!!

Here's a picture of Ted on the van, and then here's a picture of them when they were 2 days old....So darn CUTE!


Jessica said...

They are very cute. No pets here, I deal with enough poop as it is.

ellen said...

they are the CUTEST! and looks like baaaad too, LOL!

wendy said...

They are so cute I wish I could give them a big huge! What adventures you have!!

Kelly said...

OMG are you KIDDING ME?? That is so funny! They are adorable!