Monday, October 29, 2007

It's times like these............

What an awesome weekend. It started off with a call from Dave telling me he wasn't going to work. He just wanted to take the entire weekend off. (He had worked 8 weeks straight and was just exhausted) So, he came home and I knew that I would have to stand back because our kids were starved for their Dad. Sure enough, I fixed supper and they all went outside and worked on the goat pen they are building together. That was fine with me because Scrapadilly was having an online crop and I was able to do a few layouts. When he finally came in, I handed him a drink and we sat down to supper and then him and the kids watched "B" horror movies til late. We stayed up late since he is used to not turning in until around 2 am. The kids were so excited because the next day was the Arkalalah Parade in Arkansas City.

So, Saturday rolls around and the kids were all pumped because they were to be in the parade. My friend Diana had called and asked if the kids would walk with her Scrapbook store's float in the parade and toss out candy. So, we got them all dressed up and then we headed out. Here they are in their costumes. Nik was a Nun. We called him Sister Mary Nikolaus all day! Lilia was Mary Katherine Gallagher from Saturday Night Live. Erika was Morticia Aadams, and Anna was "Sally" from Nightmare Before Christmas.

I think the thing that really touches my heart is how much our children children love to be around us. Most teenagers when they go to a parade would go hang out with their friends or stand off by themselves in a group. Not ours.

The entire time the parade was going on.....until they saw their siblings in the parade, they stood there and talked to Dave. Jessica had drove almost 3 hours to see her siblings in the parade and was tickled that Dave was there. You should have heard them Whooping and Hollering when they saw the 4 youngest. I was cracking up at the amount of candy the kids tossed to their siblings! Hilarious! Here is a picture of Dave with our 4 oldest kids "Hanging Out" and the 4 youngest in the parade.......Erika can barely be seen because of the guy with the glasses who stood up RIGHT when I was taking this picture.

So that night we went home, fixed pizza and watched the movie Room 1408.....VERY SCARY MOVIE! It was funny how we all just find our places in the TV room and all I could think is how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family.

The next day, (Sunday) we all slept in late and then had breakfast together. Then Dave and the kids went out to work on the goat pen.....FUN times!....I went to my scraproom and did a layout!! LOL He then came in and told me that we were going on a bike ride......I was like Woo Hoo! I love to go ride with him! So, we suited up and got on the bike and went on a ride. It was a bit chilly out but with the sun......GORGEOUS!! Here is a pic that Erika snapped of us when we were getting ready to leave.

Like I said AWESOME Weekend! Yep, I know.....I live a charmed life.


Empress of the Known Universe said...

Yeah, there are times I don't think I'd believe you if I didn't see it with my own eyes. You have a pretty awesome family. I'm really glad you got to spend some good time with Dave!

Mackey said...

LOVE the bike!!!

The costumes and the parade look wonderful!!

Soooo, did you dress up for Halloween? I want to see photos!!!!