Friday, October 05, 2007

Yep, that's my man. Isn't he GORGEOUS? I are thinking I don't want you to really answer that. You would be right. I am a jealous kinda gal.

Why am I so totally NUTS over this guy? Cause he is sooo worth it! This man would give you the shirt off of his back. He would never deny his family ANYTHING even at the sake of his own health. He never complains and is RARELY in a bad mood. *Good thing too cause I make up for moodiness where he lacks it!*

Why am I so HEAD over HEELS in love with him after 22 years? Cause I wake up every morning to him next to me. He always has me in a bear hug and I have to peel him off of me. My children think the sun rises and sets on him. Why? Cause he will stop what he is doing and devote his entire attention to them. When they are around, he makes them feel like they are the only ones that matter. He does that with me too. It wasn't always that way, but over the years I think he realizes I need to be doted over alot to feel secure......Yep, I'm a brat. I know......I'm spoiled.


Shannon Schafer said...

You're a spoiled brat!!! :) I hope to meet you both in "real life" some day - you both are great people! {{HUGS}}

Kelly said...

ummm, does he know you took this picture??