Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's Beginning To Look A LOT Like Christmas.

I woke up around 5 this morning. Couldn't sleep, that happens all the time with me. Decided to go ahead and roll out of bed even though I didn't turn in til 1:30. So, as I sit here with a nice hot cup of coffee, trying to decide what sounds good to eat for breakfast, I think I will reflect on the goings on at our house.

Our kids are really excited about the holidays. So much so, they have dug all the decorations out of the loft in the garage and have set up ONE of our Christmas trees. It is pictured in this entry. That leaves the other 4 to go! All but a few gifts have been purchased and now is the time that every evening a few of the kids will help me wrap up a few. I have a few homemade items to complete but they won't take me all that long.

We are counting down the days til Dave is off for the Winter Break at work......12 days of him being home!! I don't know who is more excited....ME or the kids!!


Kelly said...

One of FIVE trees?? Are you a glutton for punishemnt or what?

wendy said...

It's beautiful!! I love the lights.

wendy said...
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