Thursday, January 24, 2008

Babies, Babies and More Babies!!

We have been invaded by Babies!! WE aren't complaining but there is only soo much cuteness you can take!!

On Sunday we added 2 more goats to our "Herd"........My mantra is.....think of all the gas we save by not mowing! We decided that for our 12 acres, 6 goats are enough. I let my nephews Jackson and Booker name them. So, the white one is "Lizzie" and the black one is "Lexie"

*Notice how Dave is doing his baby talk to them!*

Satchel is home and thriving. His family is just on cloud 9!! Look how alert he is. He is gaining weight steadily and his parents are so happy he is on a schedule. On Saturday, all of us are loading up and going to go visit him and my dad. None of the kids have seen my dad since his heart attack and none have seen Satchel either. I am just paranoid they will give Dad or Satchel a cold so I have kept them away. No more!! They have threatened me with MUTINY if I don't take them up this weekend.



Alli said...

What cute goats!!!!!!!

Sooo glad that Satchel is home...he's adorable!

Jessica said...

That is an awful lot of cuteness!

Kelly said...

The kids want a goat now.
*waving hi to Satchel* (I'm gonna come steal you! You and Denton can play baseball!)

iris said...

All the babies are cute!
But Satchel, wow really really precious!

Joanne said...

The goats are adorable!!!

Satchel is a cutie pie! Wow!