Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yep, that's me with the love of my life!

Erika snapped this picture of Dave and I on Father's Day. What can I say? I am nuts about this guy! I still get butterflies when I see him walk through the door.

Hard to believe when I first met him I didn't like him at all!

Look at us now..........22 years later and 8 kids to our name!


Jessica said...

very cute pic!

wendy said...

So cute! It's fabulous you guys are so in love after all these years (and kids lol) More power to you guys!! Keep it going :)

Aunt Bree said...

Great picture Drea! I hope he had a great Father's Day!

Sabrina ~scrappinmomma from AMR MB~

Angela J. Prieto said...

Great picture Drea!!

Rick said...

Oh that is so sweet. What a great photo.