Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday Morning Musings

Druann has been here a few days and that girl just makes my heart soo happy. I took some really cute pictures of her and Nik being "FROGS" yesterday. This morning she insisted she help Erika unload the dishwasher. She looked right at me and said.......I won't break anything, I promise!! HA! She is sooo smart, and is ONLY 2 years old.

Going up to my sister's place today and won't be home til late Tuesday. I am hoping to get some good shot of Satchel so I can scrap some new stuff of him......that boy and his brothers are a hoot!!

Hmmm...I think it is children who make me sooo happy. So glad I have a few of my own!

Here are a few layouts I completed this week, oh and a card also.


Me :) said...

Beautiful layouts Drea!

wendy said...

Your layouts are so beautiful :). Aren't kids such a blessing to have around. Mine have me laughing every day at the littlest things.

ellen s. said...

i looove how you worked the

glad you are feeling better. too bad we didn't live closer, we could have snuggled in bed together.

Chrispea said...

Hey Drea, I love your layouts, they're beautiful!! My fav is the bottom one. Great cut work, so pretty.

Joanne said...

LOVE those LO's... especially the one of you and Dave! Amazing!