Saturday, May 30, 2009

Got some scrapping done..........FINALLY

I have been so busy this month I haven't had time to scrap. I was able to sit down and do a few layouts last night and here is one that I really like. I took the title from a song by the Foo Fighters: The Pretender. The first time I heard the song, all I could think is..........that part about never surrendering is me. I have overcome HELL in my life and I was determined to not let my childhood determine my adulthood.


Joanne said...

AWESOME Layout!!! I miss scrapping.. it has been months for me.. but I am determined over the summer to scrap A LOT! I will be back over at Scrapadilly to say hi as well! Miss ya!

Tami Martin said...

Is that another awesome Erica photo? Great layout girl! Love those cool colors together!!

wendy said...

Very nice layout! I too sat down this weekend and for the first time in months scrapped for myself and it felt so good!!

Jessica said...

Love it! (but I love all your work)
The longer hair looks great too!
Been missing you (and hoping that I'll be more chatty with you now that I'm going to be home again).

ellen s. said...

you know it, girl! you are an inspiration to me for sure.