Friday, December 25, 2009

NO place like home for the holidays.

I am always happy when our family is able to spend time together. This holiday season has been wonderful, we were able to have a time to make our gingerbread houses, go look at the lights and spend several nights just being with one another.

Here is Lilia and Anna with our niece participating in our church program.

This picture is of our gingerbread house village. WE give the kids graham crackers and I make up tons of frosting and put it in sandwich bags that the kids clip the corner on to use as a piping bag. Add some candy and a TON of fun and good memories.

Here is our niece Gavada with my hubby Dave.

Our darling Druann came over and she and Gavada really were cute in front of my tree.

Christmas eve is a HUGE ordeal for us and our children. This is the ONE night we reserve to be with JUST them. WE had homemade chicken enchiladas, spanish rice and a salad with Erika's homegrown tomatoes on top.
Here is the table before we ate.

After our meal we opened up our One and ONLY gift for Christmas eve gift.....our PJ's. Here is Jessica and Richie anticipating their gifts.

After we open up our PJ's........we play games. This year our youngest daughters taught us a cardgame named "Cock-a-doodle" We laughed ourselves sick!

So we turned in after watching A Christmas Story........we just love that movie. How can you not just love Ralphie?? The kids promised to not wake us til 8:30!!

Christmas morning was just wonderful. We rolled out of bed and the kids had coffee waiting for us. I had baked Applesauce Cranberry muffins and Banana nut bread the day before so I wouldn't have to prepare anything. The kids boiled a couple dozen eggs and we were all set.

Here are a few pics of the kids opening their gifts.

The rest of the day was us just sitting around and playing board games while the ham and potatoes baked. For our supper we had the ham, potatoes, greenbeans, homemade cranberry salad in a buffet style meal. Everyone fixed their plates and then we watched "It's A Wonderful Life"

You know what I have decided? It is..........we are blessed beyond measure.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

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Chrispea said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! My kids woke me up at 5 am!! OMgosh! I had just went to bed at 1:30. Love all your photos, your tree and table are gorgeous! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!