Saturday, December 04, 2010

Never too late to be THANKFUL

Last weekend was Thanksgiving. We were so blessed to have all of our children home and my sister's family and my parents here to help us observe a day for thankfulness.

First off, I am thankful for my wonderful husband. He is the best thing that ever happened to me.

I love you Dave.

Next, I am thankful for my beautiful oldest daughter. She is pictured here with Jay (See Jay! I mentioned you) Because of her, I have become a better person. She made me slow down and turn my life around.

Next I am thankful for my MIRACLE family. Our children make me want to grow up and do GREAT things. They are selfless and love each other and us like CRAZY! I am so BLESSED to call them my own!

My sister is another blessing in my life. Her children are like my own, they love to be around their cousins and treat each other like they are siblings. Satchel is constantly a source of amusement for us all! Teddi and Dusty..............WE LOVE YOU!!

My parents were with us on this wonderful day. I am grateful they are so active in our lives and help us with our children. LOVE you Mom and Dad.

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Dee said...

Beautiful post & beautiful family, Drea - no wonder you are thankful . . . and I know they all feel the same having been blessed with YOU in their lives!