Tuesday, September 03, 2013

CSI's latest challenge. CSI never fails to get me thinking outside my box. I will confess I sometimes lose sleep thinking of how I am going to scrap my weekly layout for CSI. Here is my latest creation. Here are the guidelines I followed for my latest creation.
This is my niece Gavada (Pronounced Ja Va Da) Gavada and Max are the dearest of friends. They are inseparable. When she started school last year he moped around all day. This layout is about them and how he greets her when she gets off the school bus. For my evidence I used the following: Scallops, Pen for my art medium, Dog accents, Speech Bubbles, Something Tied. For my testimony I handwrote my journaling. My journaling reads: Gavada- You and Max are the best of friends. You spend so much time together. I was surprised how much he sulks around the house waiting for you to return from school each day. He insists upon greeting you the minute you get off the school bus. HE LOVES YOU! August 2012

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