Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Brrr.....it's chilly out this morning. I think I may be coming down with a cold. Took some Vitamin C and Echinacea with Goldenseal in hopes I can stave it off. Must try and remember to drink more water today.

So. It's Tuesday. Waiting for the plumber to call about the bathroom. Yep, still trying to get that darn bathroom complete. At least I have spoken with the plumber....that's one step closer. Hard to believe I have been in this battle since July!! *Had our master bathroom remodeled and both the pedestal sinks leak and the faucet on the tub is screwy!*

On the brighter side of things. Yesterday we had satellite TV installed. *There goes the neighborhood!* We have never had cable or satellite TV. Should prove interesting! I stayed up til 1 am watching HGTV. They have some shows on home design and I came up with an idea for our bedroom. Shouldn't cost an arm and a leg and since the walls are fairly plain at the moment, I don't think Dave will object.

Well, off to another day of my life. Catch you later.


Shannon Schafer said...

Have fun with the new project!!! Hope you get that bathroom thing fixed soon!!!

feel better soon hon!!!

Kelly said...

Diggin the dmb up in here! Pass me a drink and post, huh?