Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's late here and as usual.....I can't sleep. Laundry is done, folded and awaiting the kids to put away when they get up in the morning. It's at this time of night that I contemplate the goodness of my life and how darn happy I am.

I was telling my friend Judy the other day that I had a really crappy childhood and in my heart, I can't help but think the reason my life now is so darn charmed is because I lived in hell for the first 18 years of my life. I've paid my dues!! Do I deserve to be this darn happy? Sure. I believe you truly make your own luck. What goes around comes around. Give out goodness and it will come back to you 1000 fold!

I pound that principle into the heads of my children and the funny thing is.....THEY GET IT!! I see them going out and helping folks and refusing compensation just because they know helping an elderly couple with their gutters is something they should do. Not for cash, but just because. I see them volunteering at church to help out with after school programs for kids who are latch key and it makes my heart so full. Knowing that I wish there had been a "Safe" place for me, my sister and my brothers to go to instead of going home to the dysfunction we were forced to endure. Knowing that they touch the lives of kids who need to know that there are people out there who do give a darn about them. It makes me think.....THEY are the pebbles in the pond of life that send out the ripples of goodness and hope. IF all 8 of them drop enough pebbles in the pond.....they can truly stir things up!!

Yep. I'm blessed and lucky! Sigh.

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Me :) said...

This post is beautiful. I appreciate your way of thinking.