Friday, October 12, 2007

It's Friday. The plumber that I have been trying to get out here since the end of July just left.....Woo Hoo, the $650 faucet is FINALLY working!! He is supposed to be back tomorrow with the parts to fix the pedestal sinks.

I made chicken enchiladas for lunch. They are smelling yummy. Poor Dave has to work another 10 hr day and of course he has to work the weekend. I'm glad I finally agreed to the satellite TV. I can now record the football game he misses and he can watch them when he gets home. Poor guy, all this extra money and he can't even enjoy it.

Tonight I am hosting the Friday Night Boredom Fighters crop at Scrapadilly. I have some really cute things I am going to be RAKing away to the participants. I always have so much fun hosting the crops and have made some cool ladies.

Well, I am off to eat up those yummy enchiladas!!


Shannon Schafer said...

Poor Dave!!! Congrats on the satellite tv!!!

See you over at Dilly tonight!!!

Kelly said...

You are so lucky I told you about that U2 song. U2 is to Kelly as DMB is to Drea! So...let's see a layout using some magic mesh, huh??

Drea said...

OH a challenge!!!

I don't know if I have any Magic Mesh you?


ellen said...

ckn enchilladas! YUM!!!!!!!!!!

don't forget to vote;) u rock