Friday, December 07, 2007

An Ideal Day

Some of you who know me have heard me talk about my parents and how they drive me NUTS, so you can understand how my skin begins to crawl when the call me to announce they are coming to my house to spend the day. (I moved over an hour away from them so these things didn't happen all the time!)

So, they showed up bearing gifts for my children. They had purchased a new mattress for Talia and brought various things for the other kids. Of course my kids were so excited to see them. I will admit: My parents were the WORST parents, but they have been EXCEPTIONAL grandparents. I can forgive them some of their shortcomings because of the way the treat my children.

We all sat down for our noon meal and it struck me how I probably should snap a pic of this occasion because I'm sure the day is coming when they won't be around. The only person missing from this picture is our oldest daughter Jessica. She is away at school.

Sidenote: My Mother was on her best behavior. I didn't have to hear about my weight, or how she doesn't like my hair, or how she was sure she would do something different with my home decor and various nerve wracking things she usually spouts off......She was also good at Thanksgiving. Hmmm.... makes me wonder when the crap will hit the fan!!


ellen said...

hey look at that sharp looking family!

Til said...

You all look so good! Don't sweat the small stuff Drea, Life just happens!