Thursday, January 03, 2008

Family and Friends.

Christmas has come and gone. In a way I am a little sad because I had all of my kids home and now Jess has gone back to school. It was so nice to have her and Jared here with us for the holidays. This picture was taken on Christmas Eve. We have a tradition of giving the kids new PJ's on that night. I think this is the first time we have pictures of all of us in our PJ "Finery". This holiday made me aware that each day is so precious and to not take these moments for granted. With a family our size, the chances of us all getting together become slimmer as they all grow up. I am blessed by the fact they all know how I feel about being home for the holidays. I am hoping they continue to remember as they go their own separate ways.

This holiday was extra special because my dear friend Nancy was able to come and spend it with me. She arrived on the 16th of December and will be with us til the 16th of this month. She doesn't realize how she was such a Godsend to me. My dad's health issues really have had me stressed, but her being here has helped me keep my mind busy and that has REALLY helped.

So, as I sit here on this lovely January morning, it is 20 degrees out, bitter cold but I am nice and warm in our little house. In the kitchen, the kids are all fixing themselves breakfast and my old dog Gracie is sitting here so I can pet her.

What could make this day any better? A nice hot cup of coffee. Think I will go get a cup.


wendy said...

Aren't you two the cutest! I'm so happy to see pics (but where's the pic's of Rick?!?!!!) So glad you are able to spend time together.

Your family is beautiful.

Joanne said...

Love the family photo. I am realizing about how precious all of us being together is as well, as our first is about to "leave the nest"... so family time right now is so valuable to us. Glad you had your whole gang there with you for the holidays, and the extra fun and blessing of Nancy as well!

Kelly said...

Cute jammie pic! Look at you all sassy in your silk pj's!

Me :) said...

Look at you two - you gals look so beautiful! I'm so glad Nancy was able to be there for you.

NancyP said...

Yeah, but those candy cane jammies have her silk jammies beat by a mile!!! I just look soooo sexy in them!!! (YEAH-RIGHT!!!!)