Saturday, March 08, 2008

Oh My .......I've been tagged!!

I am to list 7 Random Things about myself...............hmmm.

Here Goes:

1. I would love to one day own a Bed and Breakfast Inn.
2. I love, love, love music.
3. I read everyday. Right now I am reading an old Stephen King booked titled: The Talisman.
4. I love to cook and have thought recently I may go to culinary school just to do it!
5. I love kids. I know that isnt' so very random but being here with my sister and watching her sons play with my daughters and hearing all that giggling just reminds me of how much I do.
6. I am itching to get home and see my new TV, DVD-surround sound system. That is my new present from Dave for our bedroom. That means I can scrap and listen to concerts!!
7. I am so looking forward to spring.

Let's see.......I am tagging Tami and Renee Clark!


Tracey said...

I, too, can't wait for spring. Good to see you again,

wendy said...

I hear ya on the spring thing! I had to laugh...I heard Dave M. the other day and thought of you :)...I love music too...can't sing a lick but I try!

Nnairda's said...

Not suprising you love children. :) How do you find time to read and scrap? Since I've become addicted to scrapping, I've only read one book. That's terrible, as I am an avid reader.

It's just that I love putting my hands on paper, and buttons, and...

Adriann from Scrapadilly

Dee Bibb said...

Thanks for playing! You are such a good sport! Hug Satchel for me!

ellen said...

you like kids? i didn't know that, ROFL!

iris said...

I hope you get your B N B Inn one day Drea! I enjoyed reading about you.