Sunday, March 08, 2009

Only Love Can Leave Such A Mark On My Heart!

Do you see those crazy people in the cage? All of them, their sister Jessica, and their Dad, my hottie Dave, are the anchors in my life. I get up each and every day and thank God for them. All of them are sooo very precious to me. I am grateful for days like we had today. I am glad we have connected with our children and they actually like to be with us.

At Arby's today they ran a special: Buy any size drink and get a Roast Burger of your choice for Free. So, we loaded up the kids, went to Walmart and bought a couple bags of chips and then hit Arby's. I always crack up whenever we go out into a restaurant all together........people always ask if they are all ours and then we have to explain they are all "Ours" we had them together and with no one else. Of course today we were missing Jessica, but she will be home next weekend in time for my Mom's birthday. I plan on getting pictures of all of our kids with Teddi and Dusty's 3 boys. I think my Mom would love a picture like that.

After we all got our sandwiches we went to the park. It was a gorgeous day much sunshine. Talia took some pics of Dave and me but they came out horrible (Eyes squinty or closed or my stupid hair blowing in my face!)so I guess I will have to wait til next weekend!

When we came home, we all had fresh lemon cake with coffee while we watched Daniel Day Lewis in "There Will Be Blood", he was a royal prick in that movie!! He totally deserved his Oscar for that role.

Signing off now.........Another Beautiful Day!!

I am indeed truly Blessed!!


Tami Martin said...

I have to admit, on occasion I have a bit of jealousy that you have such a close knit family. But then I realize that we're just different in our knitted-ness. But what really makes it good is that I know you don't take it for granted. You recognize that blessing and are grateful for it.

I also respect that your family didn't just appear that way. It has taken much sacrifice and dedication on your part. So whenever that little green monster rears it's ugly head, I can beat him down with reminders that you worked hard and gave much for the blessing you reap today.

Sorry! I'm feeling sappy about family today! Love you bunches!

Angela J. Prieto said...

You have such a wonderful family Drea!

wendy said...

Very nice day with the fam...glad you guys all got some time to spend outside :)...and together!