Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bad, Bad Blogger

Where do I begin? Let's face it. I'm a busy gal from time to time. I will endeavor to update this thing periodically.

For Mother's day I was able to spend the day with my mom and sister. We had lunch at Timberline and then went to the Village Flea Market. After walking around for about 2 hours til I FINALLY had to object. I had had my fill of TRASHY people. Seriously.........Bras are a good thing. So are soap and deodorant. Oh, and let us NOT forget...........Tissue are good for little kids' snotty noses!!

After we left "Trash Central" we hit a strip mall. Burlington Coat Factory, TJ Maxx, Fashion Bug and Best Buy.......Now we are talking!!

My mom and sister helped me find these gorgeous items!! They both have excellent taste!

We finished up our day by hitting a Donut bar and eating copious amounts of fried dough and washing it down with STRONG coffee!!

Did I mention it takes MANY calories to maintain this figure??


Dee said...

LOL! We all know you don't do anything, Drea . . . just sit around like a queen all the time. Meanwhile, I love your Mother's Day loot, and I especially love the pic of your mom with her girls :-)

wendy said...

The photo of you three is beautiful. Sounds like you had a lovely Mothers Day!