Monday, August 16, 2010

Awesome Weekend!!

First off.........Dave took off Thursday and Friday so we could celebrate 24 years together! We went to a really nice restaurant and had the most FAB food. We then went to see The Expendables..........KICK A$$ movie!! Sadly......I left my camera at home or I would have some pics of us out on the town!!

Saturday was Jessica's birthday and I promised her we would go to the Dave Matthews Band concert at the Intrust Arena in Wichita. We first went to Olive Garden. Jessica's best friends Kristin and Ben met up with us.

After Olive Garden we went to Mort's Martini bar to get cigars and drinks. This is Jessica with my cousin Jeannine's hubby Dan.

Here is Jeannine with me and Jessica at the arena waiting for Dave and the guys to get the concert started. We had the best time. After the concert we were walking to our pick up point where my hubby was to pick us up and low and behold we were RIGHT by the tour buses as the band came out to get on them........I was a good girl and didn't rush them! We just waved to them and they waved back!


Andrea Amu said...

How fun!! And HAPPY Anniversary, Drea! My dh and I also went to see the Expendables last night! Very entertaining... Stallone still has it! Lol!

Ohh, I love DMB! How fun that was I'm sure! I love them in concert!

Dee said...

Looks like an absolute blast! I'm glad to know that you "sort of" behaved . . . Happy Anniversary to you & Dave, and Happy Birthday to Jessica!

ellen s. said...

oh yeah baby! so awesome...i bet the the concert was the bomb and i loooove those cigars ")

ellen s. said...

happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!