Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Another year older

My birthday was yesterday. What a memorable weekend. Any day I can spend with my family is my idea of PERFECT.

It started on Friday night with Dave coming home and us staying up late. It was so nice and cool out and we threw open all the windows in the house. When we woke up Saturday morning it was 50 degrees out...............LOVE IT!! We had decided since we basically had NO food in the house we would go out for breakfast then head to the store. $400 later, we came home and sat around watching K-State play while enjoying a few beers. Later that evening, we geared up and went for a ride on Dave's was GORGEOUS out. Not hot out so we probably rode over 100 miles before we came home and watched "Legion".......really cool movie.

Sunday morning, we woke up EARLY (5 am) so we decided to gear up and head to our FAVORITE restaurant "Daisy Mae Cafe" (They open at 6 am) where we ate an artery clogging BUT DELICIOUS meal. I actually snapped a picture of the sun coming up as we rode into town. Ark City is about 25 miles from our house. There is something magical about rolling into town on the back of Dave's bike as the sun is coming up!

After we left the Cafe........we went home and went RIGHT BACK TO BED!! My sister and her family arrived around 5 and we had nachos with all the fixens for supper. Afterwards Satchel helped Erika with the goats............and she snapped this awesome picture.

My sister picked up CAKE for all of birthday was on Tuesday and they had to leave Monday night but we enjoyed that cake regardless of the date!! Satchel was so excited about them singing to me........I love that kid. He cracks me up.

Last but not least..........we just laid around and watched TV, ate food, drank tons of Adult BEVERAGES and just goofed off the ENTIRE weekend!!.........Sheer Bliss!

I love that my sister's family and how her kids get along so well with mine, but the thing that touches my heart the most is how our hubby's really have so much in common. I saw them outside enjoying a GUY moment and I had to capture it.

So, in weekend was awesome but my actual birthday was HOLY CRAP>>>>>>>>>>>>AWESOME!!

I woke up to the 3 youngest girls serving me breakfast in bed, then the phone ringing off the hook with tons of well wishes. The mail box was full of cards from family and friends, my email was full of e-cards, and then the UPS truck arrived with a box FULL of scrappy goodness from some of my SWEET friends who know how to spoil me. With all the scrappy items my hubby gave me, that box and then a $50 gift card from my Dad that he insists I use on myself, I will be able to scrap up some GORGEOUS layouts!

Dave was WONDERFUL in every couldn't have been a more perfect birthday.


Joanne said...

WOW!!!!!! I am in awe! How blessed you are! YEAH!

Dee said...

WOO HOO!! So glad you had a terrific birthday . . . can't think of a soul who deserves it more :-)